Dr. Kelly Wise

Coaching. Sex Therapy. Psychotherapy.



I’d never been to a therapist for more than one session before – it either felt like talking to my mom or it was awkward to talk about sex or there was too much to explain to them that they didn’t fully understand. After making a big mistake in my relationship, I was lucky enough to find Kelly. I’ve now been seeing him regularly for a year and a half. He not only helped me to analyze and deal with a moment of crisis but has continued to work with me to communicate more, understand what I’m feeling, and recognize patterns in my behavior. I’ve been able to push myself to grow in large part because Kelly has helped to guide me and give me the tools to do so.

Client BM

I went to see Dr. Wise because I was having communication issues with my wife, we just couldn’t have a conversation without it turning into a fight. We met with Dr. Wise for 10 sessions, and my wife and I learned how to better hear each other and not just react out of anger and frustration. I feel grateful to have worked with Dr. Wise.

Client IT

I sought out therapy because I was going through a pretty bad breakup. I was a mess, and I felt like my life was shattered. I met with Kelly each week. He was kind, compassionate, and emotionally in tune with me. This really helped me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. I feel so much better now as a result of our work. I have recommended Kelly to many of my friends.

Client KM

I was having difficulty maintaining my erection with my girlfriend and I was really embarrassed so I decided to seek out help. I was nervous about talking about these issues, but when I met with Kelly I felt at ease. We talked through my history, current lifestyle, and he gave me some books to read and exercises to try at home. After about two months, the problem was gone. I now have confidence in the bedroom, and it feels great! Thanks Kelly!

Client DW

Working with Dr. Wise was the best choice I ever made after my ex-boyfriend beat me up. I felt ashamed and alone and did not confide in anyone for help until I saw Dr. Wise. He gave me tips and ideas such as journaling, talking to friends and family for support and figuring out what was that made me feel stronger, powerful and what gave me “life” sort of say. It was as if he held my hand and guided me out of the hole I was burying myself in with all the feelings of insecurity and thoughts of failure as a woman. If it wasn’t for Dr. Wise I would not have realized how strong I really am.

Client JC

Before I met Kelly I was a hot mess! I was having problems at work and in my relationship; I felt pressure from all angles. I started to misuse prescription meds to help me manage all the pressure in my life. In therapy, I learned I don’t have to be ‘perfect,’ that it’s okay to say ‘no’ and trust that things will get done without me. I no longer feel that I have to be everywhere all the time—Forget you, FOMO! I feel much more in control of my life. Thank you so much Kelly!

Client RO